• What is chlamydia

    Chlamydia is the most common sexually transmitted disease in Denmark. It is estimated that every year about 50,000 Danes get chlamydia, and it is often the 15-29 year olds. Chlamydia can have major consequences if you do not know you have it. Getting checked for chlamydia is good style. Both towards yourself - and the one you are with.
  • If you test positiv

    If your chlamydia test is positive, you will be called by our doctor Søs, who will help you quickly with treatment and medication.

    If you need further advice and guidance, you are always welcome to contact our call center by phone
    +45 70 40 42 42 or get online advice in our chat on this page.

  • 1. Purchase the test kit

    You buy the test kit here at cphmed.com. It is important that you choose the right test kit, depending on the sexual activity you have participated in.
  • 2. Receive the test kit

    You will quickly receive your package with e.g. mail. If you have chosen to pick up a test kit at a health center, it is often a little faster. The packaging is discreet, so that no embarrassing or unpleasant situations arise in e.g. parcel shops.

  • 3. Scan and mail

    You scan the test kit with the MedicalMe app from Copenhagen Medical and follow the instructions carefully. When you are ready, send the sample to Copenhagen Medical, we analyze your sample in our laboratory. It's all in the instruction.

  • 4. Answer

    When your test answer is ready you will be notified via the app. If your test is positive, you will also always be called for help.


A rapid COVID-19 test – also called an antigen test – is a nose swab where you get an answer in 15 minutes.

Air purifier

Let's clear the air!

Rensair air purifier ensures clean air by removing 99.97% of airborne particles, such as viruses (incl. Coronavirus), bacteria, mould/fungal spores, pollen, dust mites, other allergens and odours.

  • We will continue to enable you to ensure the safety of your employees.

    A recent study shows that the clinical sensitivity of our quick tests is 92%, which is significantly higher than tests from other providers.

  • “We have been surprised at how big the difference has been in the performance of these products. It has also surprised us how much difference there is in which anatomical area the test is used, ”

    Uffe Vest Schneider , ward doctor at the Department of Clinical Microbiology, Amager and Hvidovre Hospital

    Source: Hvidovre Hospital

About Copenhagen Medical

Copenhagen Medical A / S was created when the corona pandemic hit Denmark. The task of quick testing for COVID-19 has given us valuable experience, in providing high-quality health care to the citizens, in a trustworthy, accessible and proper way. We would like to continue with this.

Our mission is to raise the health of Danes with a focus on prevention and provide greater insight into the possibility of influencing their own health. Where and when, it suits the individual best.

To ensure the high level of health services in the future, there is a need for increased cooperation between public and private actors. Our services are adapted to the future needs for accessibility and flexibility through increased digitization and individualization.